How to Stop Emotional Eating with Food and Body Coach Jamie Dougherty

September 9, 2012

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Food and Body Coach Jamie Dougherty joins holistic health talk for women radio host Irina Wardas on Wednesday, September 12th at 9:30 am PT / 12:30 pm ET LIVE

Listen: Holistic Health Talk for Women Radio Show Topic: How to Stop Emotional Eating; How to Dealing with Binge Eating; Overwhelmed, Overworked and Overeating.  How To Quit the Crazy Once and for All

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Jamie G. Dougherty, Food & Body expert and founder of, empowers overwhelmed, mission-driven women to get their bodies on board for their big plans. She is a nutrition consultant for forward thinking companies, the author of two digital cookbooks and the creator of the Get Your Body Onboard online program that allows passionate women to stop the internal struggle and make their bodies a beloved partner in their great work.Jamie Dougherty, Food and Body Coach

Jamie’s quick wit, rockstar insights and inspirational know-how provides brilliant ladies the tools to get out of their own way and make their bodies a beloved partner in bringing their unique brilliance to the world.

Callers are welcome to join the conversation: (347)-857-4862

Suggested Women’s Radio and Podcast Interview Questions:

  1. How would you define emotional eating?
  2. Why are women so quick to get “tapped out”?
  3. Why do we tend to grab unhealthy foods when feeling overworked and stressed?
  4. Is it possible to stop ourselves before diving into an emotional eating binge?
  5. How can we get to the core of our emotions and identify what we’re truly feeling?
  6. What are your favorite ways to de-stress?
  7. Are there particular foods that combat exhaustion?
  8. How does fulfillment in our life play into eating choices?
  9. How to stop emotional eating and deal with binge eating?

Looking forward to your questions (347)-857-4862

Let us breathe, smile and dance at the end of the radio program together.

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