Mind Training for Pain Management and Chronic Illness with Dr. Larry Berkelhammer

September 17, 2012


Dr. Larry Berkelhammer joins holistic health talk women’s radio host Irina Wardas on Thursday, September 20th at 9:30 am PT / 12:30 pm ET LIVE

Listen: Holistic Health Talk for Women Radio Show Topic: How Mind Training can Improve Health; Acute and Chronic Pain Management Techniques; Reprogramming the Brain for Pain Management; How to feel in control of your life and health challenges.

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Dr. Larry Berkelhammer is a psychophysiologist and mind-body medicine blogger. Tailor-made for people living with chronic medical challenges and acute and chronic pain management, Dr. Berkelhammer shows how learning to live with conscious intention can maximize health and well-being.

Dr. Berkelhammer is a sought-after pain management specialist with techniques for living better with chronic illness, and providing instruction in reprogramming the brain to reduce physiological stress. He draws from over 19 years of experience in private practice, as well as personal experience of living with chronic illness himself.Dr. Larry Berkelhammer, Reproramming Brain

Callers are welcome to join the conversation: (347)-857-4862

Suggested Womens Radio and Podcast Interview Questions:

You’ve lived with chronic illness your whole life. Can you tell us a little bit about your personal story?

 What chronic pain management techniques have you found to be the most helpful in living with chronic illness?

 You have written about approaching life as practice; could you explain what you mean by life as practice?

 What did you learn from your research and your patients in your psychotherapy practice?

 What did your patients find the most helpful in living with their chronic illnesses?

 What is at the core of your teaching?

 Do you have any specific advice for women? Something you might’ve learned from your patients who were women?

 What advice can you offer for people who appreciate the wisdom of your recommended practices but have trouble disciplining themselves to stick with the practice?

Looking forward to your questions (347)-857-4862

Let us breathe, smile and dance at the end of the radio program together.

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