Eliminate Fears and Create Emotional Wellness with Dr. Richard London

June 16, 2013


Dr. Richard London joins women’s holistic health talk radio host Irina Wardas on Wednesday, June 19th 29th at 9:30 am PT /12:30 pm ET

Listen: Holistic Health Talk Women’s Radio Show Topic:

How to Eliminate Fears and Create Emotional Wellness with Dr. Richard London; How to Achieve Real Wellness for Women in 2013

The live, Internet women’s broadcast and podcast streams from the host page

Dr. Richard London is a world renowned author and business consultant who can tell us what our future really looks like. “There is so much uncertainty in our world today, and people know that the tools of the past are no longer working for them.”

Dr. Richard London is the Leading Visionary Manifestation Business Intelligence Coach who provides the tools that work in 21st century.Dr. Richard London

He has served as the C.E.O., Chief Education Officer, C.V.O., C.M.O., and V.M.B.C of several companies as well as being a business consultant for over 25 years. His clients include famous Media/Entertainment Personalities, Industry Leaders, and Corporate Leaders, Leaders of Countries, and major organizations worldwide. He is the founder of 14 world charities.

His Doctorate of Business “Life Wellness System” The doorway to agreement…and the action steps to get you there!

Callers are welcome to join the conversation: (347)-857-4862

Suggested women’s podcast and radio show interview questions:

How do we create Wellness for ourselves in the world today?

How do we create Emotional Wellness for ourselves?

What are the blocks that prevent us from creating Wellness in life today?

How can we eliminate these blocks?

What are the simple solutions to dealing with Fears that prevent us from creating Wellness in our life today?

How do we eliminate fears?

How  to become a Wellnessaire and keep life in balance?

Looking forward to your questions (347)-857-4862

Let us breathe, smile and dance at the end of the radio broadcast together.


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