How to Better Your Relationship by Paying Attention to the Obvious with Author Russell Irving

Author Russell Irving joins women’s holistic health talk radio host Irina Wardas on Wednesday, February 8th at 9:30 am PT / 12:30 pm ET LIVE

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Russell Irving is an author, workshop facilitator and speaker. His educational background in psychology and philosophy. Too many authors of marriage-related books only focus on very troubled relationships. Or, use lots of psychobabble. Or, so much narrative, that folks tune-out. So, after years of being known as a Singles’ Expert, Russell Irving turned his attention to the concept that virtually any Marriage could be improved upon by paying attention to ‘The Obvious’Help and Better Your Relationship

Spent years in human services working with diverse populations, which allowed me a unique perspective when dealing with family and relationship issues.

Positions included  health and sexuality adviser for adolescent girls. Substance abuse counselor conducting individual & group sessions. Work with autistic and developmentally disabled. Coordinator of a residential treatment facility for alcohol addicted men & women.

 * Independently created and conducted numerous popular workshops/ classes focusing on achieving the most from a ‘Single Life’. Also created and conducted workshops/ classes designed for Entrepreneurs.

* Published the area’s 1st, tasteful, ‘full service’ magazine designed for the ‘Single Adult’.

* Recognized as a ‘Singles’ Expert by area media.

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Suggested Women’s Radio and Podcast Interview Questions:

With so many marriage advice books out there, written by famous therapists, celebrities, and… why did you feel the need to add to the list of such books? And, the book is essentially filled with over 500 pieces of advice written in 1 – 3 sentences. Why that format and no explanatory dialog?What about that common idea of men and women having very different ways to communicate?

A common complaint is that their husband or wife doesn’t spend much free time with them. Each person is on a different computer, or playing video games while the other one is on the telephone, or… What’s up with that? And, how does one change it, so that both spouses are enjoying things together?

 Unfortunately, a spouse with an addiction is all too common. Thoughts?

 What about sex? Is it really such a big deal?

 You discuss the importance of ‘rituals’. What do you mean by that?

 How dangerous to a marriage is Facebook and other high-tech outlets?

With so many blended families, what can birth parents do to bring harmony to the new marriage and the family, as a whole?

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Let us breathe, smile and dance at the end of the show together.

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