Life Coaching Training and Certification Program for a New Career

October 3, 2012


Dr. Eve Agee, Certified Life Coach and Founder of the Transform Coaching Academy, joins Holistic Health Talk for Women Radio Show Host Irina Wardas on Thursday, October 4tht at 6:30 am PT / 9:30 am ET

Listen To: Holistic Health Talk Women’s Radio Show: What is Life Coaching? What are Life Coaches? Why life coaching? Create A Career That Rejuvenates You and Fits Your Lifestyle with Bestselling Author and Life Coach Dr. Eve Agee: How to Create a Career to Fulfill and Inspire You While Helping Our Planet Find a Better Way Forward. 

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Are you yearning for a career with purpose that provides you with financial prosperity while helping the world? Life Coaching Training and Certification Program

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If you would like to enter a new field that is financially and spiritually enriching, life coaching jobs may be just right for you. What is Life Coaching? What are Life Coaches? Why life coaching? Life Coaching is one of the top growing professions in the world and the need for life coaches is constantly increasing. In fact, even during tough economic times like we have been experiencing, the life coaching jobs and careers continue to expand and thrive nationally and internationally. 

The Transform Coaching Academy Life Coaching Certification Program teaches you an innovative coaching program that has been featured in top coaching publications and radio and provides you with everything you need to create a successful coaching business. Click to learn more and sign up for a FREE Call

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About Dr. Eve Agee:

Dr. Eve Agee is a bestselling author, certified life coach, medical anthropologist, and the founder of the Transform Coaching Academy. Through her life coaching training programs and courses, she has had the honor to help thousands of people throughout the world create abundant lives and careers they love. Before becoming a leader in the field of Coaching, Eve was a political appointee for President William J. Clinton, specializing in national health and education policy.

She taught at the University of Virginia, served as a White House expert and conducted research on women’s health and healing in the U.S. and West Africa. She has had the honor to study with masters of African, Asian and Native American energy healing over the past 25 years and teaches this powerful ancient wisdom in her Life Coaching Certification Program.  A personal transformation expert, Eve has extensive training in whole foods nutrition, guided meditation, energy restoration, and intuitive medic.

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