How to Feel Fabulous After 40 with Women and Anti-Aging Expert Sondra Wright

October 19, 2011

Anti Aging

Speaker, Author, Personal Development Coach and Expert on Women and Aging Sondra Wright  joins health talk for women radio host Irina Wardas on Thursday, October 2oth at 9:30 am PT / 12:30 pm ET LIVE

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A message from Sondra Wright:

Crossing the threshold of 40 isn’t the dark, dismal, over the hill event our society has so cleverly convinced you it is – it’s a right of passage, and it should be celebrated as such. You’re wiser now, you’re bolder now, you’ve been through the valley, you’ve paid your dues, and you’ve learned from your mistakes. Now you can enjoy your mountaintop experiences with all the wisdom, confidence, and money (if you’ve been fortunate) that comes with maturing well.

I embarked upon 40+ and Fabulous because I wanted to give women a gift; a gift that will set you free from the bondage of the invisible chains of limitation. Self imposed boundaries that keep you from reaching for all you would dare to have, do, and become – because of what, AGE? Didn’t you get the memo? Age didn’t limit you, it qualified you!

 And just so you’ll know: being 40+ and Fabulous has nothing to do with wardrobe, attractiveness, size or shape. The 40+ and Fabulous woman is magnificent in the way she values herself and the woman she has and is becoming – and that, girlfriends, is power!

Sondra Wright is a Midlife Transition and Personal Development Coach, the founder of Forty Plus and Fabulous, LLC and the author of 40+ and Fabulous: Moving Forward Fierce Focused and Full of Life! She provides group and one-on-one coaching services, information products, boot camps, workshops, meetups and excursions to assist women in making successful midlife transitions and establish their own authentic aging identity.

Sondra has inspired thousands of women to shatter the veil of limiting beliefs and connect with their greatness, rejuvenate their passion, defy cultural norms to create their own authentic midlife and attract greater possibilities than they ever thought possible.

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Suggested Women Radio and Podcast Interview Questions:

What got you interested in the subject of midlife women and midlife transitions?

What’s your personal aging story and when did you get your ah-ha moment?

How is this process of aging different for women and men?

What type of challenges are women over 40 going through?

 What’s the greatest benefit of being a woman over 40

Is there a certain mindset that occurs once a woman turns forty that encourages her to take inventory of their life? What happens when they hit that mark?

How harmful are aging stereotypes?

What are the primary concerns that all women tend to experience?

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Let us breathe, smile and dance at the end of the show together.


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