Rediscovering Our Feminine Power of Vulnerability and Authenticity with Author Tanya Paluso

May 4, 2014

Self Love

Author Tanya Paluso joins women’s holistic health talk radio with host Irina Wardas on Wednesday, May 7th at 9:30 am PT / 12:30 pm


Topic for Discussion:

Rediscovering Our Feminine Power of Vulnerability and Authenticity; Self Care Routine to Feel and Look Fabulous with Author Tanya Paluso

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Tanya Paluso  is an internationally renowned leader in the women’s empowerment movement. She is the CEO of Tribal Truth, an organization that brings women together to connect and support each other’s dreams through sisterhood gatherings. Tribal Truth has impacted thousands of people’s lives and businesses around the world through live and virtual events since 2010. Tanya Paluso, feminine leader

In her own lifelong search for truth and freedom from China to New York City, Tanya has learned how to walk her talk and teaches the power of vulnerability and authenticity. She is known for being a community builder and empowering leadership in others. She gives women permission to be real and rediscover their feminine power in her best selling book Open Your Heart: How to be a New Generation Feminine Leader.

 Tanya has been facilitating, coaching and leading groups of people since 2006. Her signature program, Leading In Truth, takes women through the Co-Creative Leadership process. She also brings women on pilgrimages to sacred places around the world such as Peru and Sedona, Arizona.

Callers are welcome to join the conversation: (347)-857-4862

Suggested women’s podcast and radio show interview questions:

Open your heart” … why does the title start with this beautiful phrase?

In your book, chapter 4 is titled “Core Four Foundation of Self-Care” … what is your self-care routine and how do you maintain it?

How did you create Tribal Truth?

What advice would you give women who are looking to look and feel fabulous naturally?

Looking forward to your questions (347)-857-4862

Let us breathe, smile and dance at the end of the radio broadcast together.


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