Living with Certainty as Life-Changing Technique with Author Kristi LeBlanc

May 25, 2011

Spirit and Mind

Kristi LeBlanc, an award-winning author, joined women’s radio show host Irina Wardas on Holistic Health Talk Radio for Women

Health Talk for Women Radio Show Topic for Discussion: How Living with Certainty Can Facilitate Attitudinal Healing, Self Loving, Emotional Resilience, Purposeful Authenticity, and the Experience of Deep-Soul Joy, and Mind Spirit Body.

Living with Certainty™ is a life-changing, social-spiritual philosophy and highly-developed system that cultivates experience of your life’s meaning and purpose, and facilitates attitudinal healing, authenticity, positive energy, emotional resilience, and hope – in individuals, leaders, and organizational cultures. Living with Certainty™ has both individual/personal and business/professional applications, providing powerful, positive strategies for life and career.Self Loving of Mind Spirit Body

Kristi LeBlanc is the Creator and CEO of Living with Certainty LLC,an executive recruiter, cancer survivor, speaker/workshop facilitator, attitudinal healing consultant, and author of the award-winning book, Living with Certainty: Experience Deep-Soul Joy.

Kristi LeBlanc has spent the past fourteen years as a successful senior partner, global practice leader, and member of the operating committee with several of the world’s largest, most prestigious retained executive search firms. She has worked for clients ranging in size from leading Fortune 500 multi-national organizations to mid-cap companies and emerging ventures. Kristi has acquired substantial life success expertise through assessing, advising, and interviewing thousands of the world’s most successful, principled executives which led to the development of the Living with Certainty™ philosophy.

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Suggested Health Talk for Women Radio Show Interview Questions:

What exactly is Living with Certainty?

How can Living with Certainty facilitate emotional resilience and attitudinal healing?

What is purposeful authenticity?

How can people hope to change their lives by undertaking the Living with Certainty approach?

What typically holds people back from living their best intended life?

Breathe, smile and be happy.

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