Shift to a Blissful Life with Diva Mama Tonya K. Freeman

May 25, 2011

Spirit and Mind

Tonya K. Freeman, The Wide Awake Feminine Liberator joined holistic health talk for women radio show host Irina Wardas

Holistic Health Talk For Women Radio and Podcast Topic for Discussion: Destiny Dance, Shift to Bliss, and Self -Love for Your Mind Spirit Body and State of Being

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With an open heart, a willingness to share, and an amazing insight to other people, Tonya K. Freeman is the Visionary that will help you realign your natural movement to be a power-full, magnetic Femi-nine Energy.Mind Spirit Body and Mind Detox

A natural born leader, Tonya realized her strengths as an intuitive, talented, intelligent person and excelled as a self-taught individual with a mind always open to learning, sharing and new experiences. She holds honorary doctorate degrees in Divinity, Metaphysics and Motivation through the Universal Life Church. As an Alternative Health Practitioner, Tonya has assisted thousands of women in her over 30 years of transformational work.

Diva Mama Tonya, as she is affectionately called, has a very unique way of delivering her profound and empowering messages which are blended with an entertaining folk wisdom style. Her innate gifts are best experienced on her internet talk show, Tonya and Friends.

Suggested Women Radio Show Interview Questions:

What are the benefits of living blissfully?

Is blissful living your constant state of being?

How does movement assist in living blissfully?

In today’s world there is much to deal with. Emotions run high. There is fear, anger, grief, how and why should we raise our frequency?

What does dancing have to do with destiny?

Self love is important to one’s state of being. Why?

Breathe, smile and be happy.

© Irina Wardas, HHC

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