Stop Sugar Cravings – Stop Craving Sweets with Sugar Shock Author Connie Bennett

July 9, 2011

Weight Loss

On “Feel and Look Fabulous” Holistic Health Talk for Women Radio : Connie Bennett, author of the bestselling book, Sugar Shock! joined women’s radio host Irina Wardas

Women Radio Topic for Discussion: Stop Craving Sweets; Stop Sugar Addiction and Women’s Health – How to Stop Sugar Cravings to improve Your Relationship and Sex.

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Connie Bennett is author of the bestselling book, Sugar Shock!, which has been praised by Dr. Mehmet Oz, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Marilu Henner, Dr. Joseph Mercola, film producer Harvey Weinstein and many others.Stop Cravings For Sugar And Craving Sweets

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Connie is a sought-after speaker, a certified life coach, a certified health
counselor, an experienced journalist and the host of the Gab with the Gurus Radio Show (, for which she interviews top experts in a variety of fields. For instance, guests have included Suzanne Somers, Montel Williams, Lisa Rinna and Dr. Mehmet Oz.

Connie – who has been off sugar since 1998 – is now known as the
Sugar-Freedom Coach, because she has helped thousands of people around the
world to let go of their of their cravings for sugar and other bad habits (what
she calls babits™). Connie also is the Book Visioning Coach, who helps
aspiring or published authors to write or promote a book. She hosts several
three blogs,, as well as blogs on the Huffington Post and
Psychology Today.

In addition, Connie is a sought-after TV and radio guest, who has appeared
on “Oprah & Friends Radio,” “CBS News Sunday Morning,” “The Howard Stern
Show” and many others. Her book Sugar Shock! has been featured in TIME, Woman’s World, Women’s Health, the Chicago Tribune, etc.

Suggested Women’s Podcasts and Radio Show Interview Questions:

What exactly is Sugar Shock! and how did you learn about this phenomenon?

What shocked you the most about cravings for sugar while researching and writing your book Sugar Shock!

What are some of the biggest benefits you can gain from kicking or scaling back on sweets, sugar, and other fast-acting carbs?

Tell us about some recent research, which reveals that people could get addicted to sugar in a manner that’s similar to folks do to drugs or alcohol?

Can you talk about some hidden culprits and sweet deceivers –products that have hidden sugar in them that we don’t realize?

How best to stop craving for sugar?

Can you give our listeners some tips to stop sugar addiction?

What specifically can a person do when tempted by their cravings for donuts, brownies, and cheesecake?

What are some of first steps people can take to stop craving sweets?

Breathe, smile and be happy.

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