Understand Your Night-Time Dreams for a Better Day-Time Life with Dr. Gillian Holloway

May 28, 2011

Spirit and Mind

Expert in the area of dreams and intuition Dr. Gillian Holloway joined holistic health talk radio for women radio host Irina Wardas on Wednesday, May 25 at 9:30 am PT/ 12:30 pm ET

Natural Wellness for Women Radio and Podcast Topic for Discussion: How Understanding the Meaning and Impact of Our Night-Time Dreams Can Improve Our Lives

Dr. Gillian Holloway holds M.A and Ph.D. degrees in psychology and is a respected expert in the area of dreams and intuition. She is the author of four books on dreams, including The Complete Dream Book: What Your Dreams Reveal About You and Your Life.

Dr. Gillian Holloway teaches classes in dream analysis and intuitive development, leads small private dream groups and appears as a trainer and speaker for groups interested in dream analysis and activating intuition.Women Radio and Podcast Topic: Understanding Dreams for Mind Spirit Body

Gillian’s direct approach to dream symbolism and modern stress dreams is widely quoted by journalists. Her latest research focuses on the impact and implications of our dreams of the dead.

Suggested Radio Show Podcast Interview Questions:

Are all dreams meaningful? How can we recognize “important” dreams?

Why do we have recurring dreams?

Do you believe in telepathic or precognitive dreams?

What is lucid dreaming? Why is it important?

Are dreams connected to intuition?

Can we train ourselves to remember and understand our dreams?

What is the fastest way to understand any dream?

Is there an overlap between dreams and waking life coincidences, signs and impressions?

Let us breathe, smile and dance at the end of the show together.

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