The Healing Power of Your Own Master Control System with Intuitive Practitioner Deborah Frenette

May 19, 2011

Spirit and Mind

On “Feel and Look Fabulous” Holistic Health Talk for Women Radio Show: Deborah A. Frenette, a holistic and intuitive practitioner joined holistic health talk radio host Irina Wardas

Holistic Health Podcast Topic for Discussion: Use Mind Spirit Body and Self Loving by Discovering The Healing Power of Your Own Master Control System

Deborah A. Frenette is an international holistic and intuitive practitioner.Use Mind Spririt Body As A Healing System She certified in hypnosis in 1999, was trained in many energy techniques, and is a teacher of A Course in Miracles. In 1994, while swimming with dolphins in Cuba, Deborah telepathically connected with them, and the experience changed her life forever. From that moment forward, she consciously shifted her path to one of healing and has never turned back.

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Working with the Master Control Method and NeuroModulation Technique, Deborah has found a very effective treatment that activates the body’s own powerful healing system, called the Master Controller. She is the author of “How to Connect with Our Living Earth: Telepathic Love from the Dolphins”, has therapeutic practices in Quebec and Toronto, and works world wide through remote sessions over the phone or via email communications.

Deborah is committed to this work as she was able to recover from illness and trauma that threatened her own health from a very early age. Since 2002, Deborah’s focus and passion has been refining her skills resulting in self healing and success mainly with ill people seeking relief. These people came to Deborah from doctor’s referrals and by word of mouth. She extended her work to the pets of these ill people, and found that animals are very good candidates for modulation of their system of health, the Master Control System. Deborah feels that in some cases, the surprisingly rapid recovery of her client’s pets teach the owner about their own abilities to recovery, with the Master Control System.

Suggested Holistic Health Podcast Questions:

What is the Master Control System?

What health issues (mental, emotional, physical spiritual) is the Master Control system capable of resolving?

What is a session like? How long will my health issue take to resolve (how many sessions?)

Can you give examples of the types of conditions you have helped people to resolve? Can this method work in groups?

Is it possible to learn how to use my own System of health?

Is this method compatible with other methods of healing, like NDs or my medical doctor visits?

Breathe, smile and be happy.

© Irina Wardas, HHC

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