How to Improve Your Weight and Body Image for Overall Health with Author Lori Wengle

May 25, 2011

Body Image

Lori Wengle AKA The Fat Princess No More joined host of women’s radio show Irina Wardas

Health Talk for Women Radio Show Topic for Discussion: Self Esteem Help with Personal Fitness Goals for a Healthy Body Image of Any Size

Lori Wengle is the founder of Change Your World Fitness, a personal trainer, the author of “The Fat Princess No More, A 107lb Success Story” and the creator of fitness routine Personal Trainer in a Box.

Lori Wengle was overweight all her life. By twelve, she weighed more than 200 pounds and wore a size 16. At age of 18 her weight climbed to 225 pounds. When she reached 27, Lori was 243 pounds. She had spent nine years fluctuating between 180 and 242 pounds. Healthy Body Image and Self Esteem Help
She had already battled high blood pressure, elevated blood sugar and decide to lose weight.

It took Lori 2 1/2 years and lots of perseverance to lose weight and keep off 107 pounds but she was very flabby and tired all the time. Lori’s body was saggy and she was unhappy. It took her two more years to join a gym and another ten months to hire a personal trainer. Personal trainers continually change things around so the body never gets used to the routine!

Finally feeling content, Lori Wengle plunged into learning everything she could about fitness and nutrition herself, and became a personal trainer. She also came up with a fitness routine Personal Trainer in a Box and wrote her bestselling book “The Fat Princess No More, A 107lb Success Story”.

Suggested Podcast Interview Questions:

How did you come up with Personal Trainer in a Box?

Can you give practical healthy weight loss tips on how to keep weight off?

What do we need to know in order not to have saggy skin and cellulite and lumps after losing weight?

Breathe, smile and be happy.

© Irina Wardas, HHC

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