How to Be Loved, Appreciated and Respected with Barbora Knobova, Relationship Coach and Author

May 6, 2011

Self Love

On “Feel and Look Fabulous” Holistic Health Talk and Tips for Women Radio Show: Barbora Knobova, Relationship Coach and Internationally Published Author joined radio show host Irina Wardas

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Women’s Radio Show Topic for Discussion: Women and Self-Love

Barbora Knobova,How to Be Loved, Appreciated and Respected with Barbora Knobov PhD, is an internationally published author, relationship coach and CEO of Delicious Path – Personal Development for Women. She dedicates herself to providing women with support and encouragement, helping them find their path to self-love, happiness and empowerment. She is always on women’s side and believes that every woman deserves to be loved, appreciated and respected.

Barbora is the author of Tales for Delicious Girls, Delicious Girl’s Guide To Self-Love and various self-development and relationship e-books. Her books speak to women of all ages, providing them with support and encouragement and teaching them about the importance of self-love in relationships and life in general.

As a life and relationship coach, Barbora works primarily with women, helping them find their life purpose, achieve their goals, deal with relationship issues, become strong, independent and fearless.

5-8 Suggested Interview Questions:

What made you write a relationship book / personal development book?

Female friendship: Is it tricky? Are friends really so important and why?

Self-love: Why is it important? How does it influence our life and relationships?

Can self-love be learned?

What are the biggest mistakes women make in relationships?

Why do some women say that they keep meeting the same guys all over again?

What makes women stay in abusive relationships?

What is the best way to deal with a break-up?

Breathe, smile and be happy.

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