Healthy Weight Loss Tips to Design Your Own Diet with Diet and Wellness Coach Sandra Ahten

June 2, 2011

Weight Loss

On “Feel and Look Fabulous” Health Talk for Women Radio Show: Sandra Ahten, a Diet, Life and Wellness coach joined women’s radio show host Irina Wardas

Health Talk Podcast Topic for Discussion: Designing Your Own Diet with Structure, Increased Mindfulness, Information, External Motivation, Accountability, Healthy Weight Loss Tips.

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Sandra Ahten is a Diet, Life and Wellness coach and founder of Reasonable Diet.
After losing weight herself Sandra in 1998, Sandra discovered that there is no one right set of diet rules to follow forever — day in and day out — but there is a right way for your diet to help you meet all of your goals in life if as individuals we learn to not “check out” from our diet. Health Talk for Women Radio Show: Healthy Weight Loss Tips to Stop Eating

Trained as a Life Coach — she teaches the skills of Top Down / Bottom Up Dieting — The “top-down” is the “stuff” that needs to be dealt with when you are no longer acting out or stuffing your feelings with food – or just as significantly, when you aren’t stuffing those feelings down with obsessive thoughts about dieting or negative thoughts about failing at dieting.

The “bottom-up” is the calories-in/calories-out aspect – the nuts and bolts, the daily details. In other words, the method by which you are going to plan and prepare the food and fit in the exercise that will keep you on goal. The bottom-up? Think moving your feet and filling your belly.

Suggested Interview Questions:

Is it ever okay for someone just to follow an off-the-shelf diet… like The Flat Belly Diet, or South Beach or Weight Watchers?

Do you think that people have to “eat clean” — in other words, few processed foods, or is it strictly a calorie function… no matter how healthy the calories are?

Do you think our belief systems make a difference… or is it really just calories in / calories out when it comes to healthy weight loss.

What is the biggest challenge that women face when it comes to being their best weight?

Is it healthy to think of dieting — or should we just adopt a lifestyle change?

Breathe, smile and be happy.


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