How to Improve Self Confidence from the Inside Out with Life Coach Susan Liddy

July 13, 2011

Self Love

On “Feel and Look Fabulous” Holistic Health Talk  for Women Radio : Life Coach Susan Liddy joined women’s radio host Irina Wardas


Holistic Radio for Women Topics for Discussion: How to Improve Self Confidence to Feel Sexy from the Inside Out; How we think about ourselves and our life will either move us forward or keep us stuck

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Life Coach Susan Liddy is the Founder and CEO of, creator of the Passage to Empowerment™ coaching program, and author of The Secrets to Ultimate Living: What You Wish You Knew When You Were Twenty.

The live, holistic talk-radio show for women will stream from the radio show for women host page

Suggested Holistic Talk-Radio Show and Podcasts For Women Discussion Topic:

Why do we get caught up in negative thinking?

How to improve self confidence to start self loving yourself?

How to Improve Self Confidence and Self Esteem Help

– Our language: study of positive versus negative words… we have more words to convey negative stuff than we do positive.

– Our environment: being around negative people, cluttered environments… all can impact our confidence. Picking up on that energy.

– Our experience: we tend to really focus on our bad experience… we make up bad beliefs about ourselves when we mess up or others disappoint.

– Our feelings: FEAR. Our confidence level comes down to how well we manage our fear. Everyone has fear. Part of define of courage is to have fear. Feel the fear…

How to develop a more positive mindset?

Set Goals.

Know your personal values.

Take risks, forgive your past mistakes, forgive others for simply being human.

Everyday count your blessings.

Give and receive complements.

Send silent blessings.

Simple acts of kindness.

Self Acknowledgments.

Breathe, smile and be happy.

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