Tips on Life Transitions During Menopause with Dr. Rebecca Elia

September 30, 2011

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Dr. Rebecca Elia, Holistic Gynecologist joined Holistic Health Talk Radio for Women host Irina Wardas

Topic for Discussion: How to Deal with Major Changes and Transitions During Menopause

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Dr. Rebecca Elia is a Holistic Gynecologist turned life-transitions and wellness coach. Rebecca has always been interested in the multiple factors that affect health and disease and her emphasis has been on helping women create health in their lives. She is especially interested in the balance (and imbalance!) of feminine and masculine qualities and how this affects our health.Dr. Rebecca Elia - Holistic Gynecologist

Rebecca has over twenty years experience of working in both holistic and conventional medicine, of witnessing and understanding the life transitions common to women, from menstrual cycle changes to pregnancy, to perimenopause, menopause, aging, loss, and new creations. After working with thousands of women and having experienced many of these transitions personally, Dr. Rebecca Elia understands the multiple factors that face women in our society today, and the special challenges we face in courageously creating health and balance in a society that is grossly out of balance.

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Suggested Interview questions:

What becomes more difficult at midlife?

What becomes easier at midlife?

What is it that you wish all women at midlife knew?

What are some of the gifts of midlife?

What will lead to an easier transition? What are simple things any woman can do?

How does one go about making changes?

Breathe, smile and be happy.

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