Tips on Healthy Relationships and Sex with an Author and Therapist Maryanne Comaroto

On “Feel and Look Fabulous” Holistic Health Talk and Tips for Women Radio Show: Maryanne Comaroto, an award-winning author, therapist and radio personality discussed healthy, sustainable relationships and sex provided tips to help achieve healthy relationships, sex and intimacy, a lasting marriage, true love, and communication with your partner

Maryanne ComarotoHealth Talk Radio for Women Radio Show: Healthy Relationsips is an award-winning author of the book Hindsight-What You Need to Know Before You Drop Your Drawers”, therapist and radio personality who reaches one million people worldwide each year in her work. She is the founder and Executive Director of the Center for Healthy Relationships, an organization committed to the science of creating healthy and sustainable relationships based in San Francisco, CA.

Healthy Talk Radio Topic for Discussion: Healthy, sustainable relationships and sex: Great Relationships Begin Within…

5 – 7 suggested interview questions.


1) What is the most common mistake people make in relationships?

2) Did an incident in your life compel you to write “Hindsight-What You Need to Know Before You Drop Your Drawers or was it an accumulation of incidents?

3) What is self-inquiry, or as you call it, becoming internally referenced?

4) What are the six tools for your relationship tool belt?

5) What is the Certificate of Responsible Relationship?

6) Is Happily Ever After happening for you?

7) Clue us in on your 14 questions to ask before you get intimate or have sex.

8) If you’re in an abusive relationship or just realize you don’t love your partner anymore, what can you do?

9) You say “Keep on doing what you’re doing, get more of what you got.” How can a person even imagine something different or better?

10) How can people learn to tell the truth even when they’re afraid to?


Breathe, smile and be happy.

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