How to Be Confident to Feel Sexy and Energized with Life Coach Susan Liddy

May 13, 2011

Body Image

On “Feel and Look Fabulous” Holistic Health Talk for  Women Radio Show: Life Coach Susan Liddy joined women’s podcast and talk radio host Irina Wardas

Women Talk Podcast Radio Topic for Discussion: Body Image Self Esteem Help to Make You Feel Sexy and Energized

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Life Coach Susan Liddy, MA, PCC, CPCCBody Image And Self Esteem Help is on a mission to let every woman know that she can live a confident and fulfilling life. Since 2004 she has helped women around the globe achieve goals and dreams such as heal relationships, write books, change careers, start businesses and create overall life balance.

She is the Founder and CEO of, creator of the Passage to Empowerment™ coaching program, and author of The Secrets to Ultimate Living: What You Wish You Knew When You Were Twenty. Learn more about Susan Liddy by visiting her website: or blog:


Podcast Interview Suggested Questions:

How does having confidence increase our energy? energize us?

what does confidence mean?

How does confidence = sexy?

Ways to increase confidence.

Why is confidence important?

Why are so many of us not confident in ourselves?

How does the media effect our body image perceptions?

Breathe, smile and be happy.

© Irina Wardas, HHC

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