Stress Free Process for Achieving Your Biggest Dreams with Executive Coach Colette Ellis

May 25, 2011

Stress Relief

Executive Coach and Author Colette Ellis joined host of holistic health talk radio show for women Irina Wardas

Health Talk for Women Radio Show Podcast Topic for Discussion: How to Achieve Your Biggest Dreams with Relaxation, Stress and  Anxiety TEchiques and Tips

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Even with the best laid plans, you might encounter situations where you hold yourself back from achieving your goals, or sometimes just get in your own way.

Author and Executive Coach and founder of InStep Consulting LLC Colette Ellis will present a straightforward, 4-step process to help you authentically define and Achieving Dreams With Relaxation Stress Tipssystematically achieve your goals – while not beating yourself up in the process! You’ll learn how to tune into your self-talk to become more aware of your internal messages, and flip the script to stay motivated to achieve your biggest dreams.

Colette Ellis helps women leverage their passion, power and relationships to achieve sustainable results. With certifications in stress and time management, plus over 10 years experience helping managers lead teams through change, Colette empowers clients to ignore pessimists and apply positive, practical and strategic solutions to realize their biggest dreams.

Suggested Podcast Interview Questions:

We’re living in the New Normal: money is tight, and time is tight. And, yet, you believe this shift in economic and workplace dynamics is a great opportunity for women. Why?

How can we begin to reveal our true intentions?

How can we stay motivated in spite of distractions or negative messages we may hear in the media or from other people in our lives?

What are Blind Spots – How can we sometimes just get in our own way?

Breathe, smile and be happy.

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