How to Practice Self Love with President of Heartlites Incorporated Marcy Neumann

July 5, 2011

Self Love

On “Feel and Look Fabulous” Holistic Health Talk  for  Women Radio Show: Marcy Neumann, President of Heartlites Incorporated and Creator of CELLpH (self) Love Health and Wellness and The Breast Health Initiative joined Women’s radio host Irina Wardas

Holistic Women Radio Show and Podcast Topic for Discussion: Self Loving Yourself and the Key to Authenticity

The live, holistic talk-radio show streamed from the “Feel and Look Fabulous” host page

Marcy Neumann is an RN,

Self Loving Yourself - Breast Health Initiative

Spiritual Minister, Reiki Teacher Master, Hypnotist, Law of Attraction and Manifestation Expert and the creator of the scientifically based, cutting edge CELLpH (Self) Love wellness program. In addition, her company, Heartlites Inc., is a leading manufacturer of personal and spiritual development products such as Create UR Mate and Create UR Dreams.

The Law of Attraction principles have become the basis of her Resistance Identification Program, her very successful consulting practice and her Law of Attraction manifestation products and programs series. Marcy has helped thousands of individuals, businesses and organizations to flourish and achieve great success. For more information about Marcy, to learn seminar dates, or to purchase Heartlites’ products, visit

Suggested Women’s Podcasts and Radio Show Interview Questions:

What is CellpH (self) Love and why do you spell it like that?

Who is this program for? How can it be applied?

What does self loving yourself mean?

Why is it important to be living as your authentic self?

What were the changes in your life that occurred after you experienced this epiphany?

How and when and why did you start your manufacturing business, Heartlites Inc.

Is this how you became a Law of Attraction Expert?

What is the main focus of your work and why? How is it all connected?

Breathe, smile and be happy.


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