Raise Your Vibration Level for a Joyful Life with Author Dawn James

June 2, 2011

Spirit and Mind

On “Feel and Look Fabulous” Health Talk for Women Radio: Dawn James, speaker, author and wellness coach joined women’s health talk podcast and radio host Irina Wardas

Women’s Radio and Podcast Show Topic for Discussion: Creating a Vibrant and Joyful Life by Learning How to Raise Your Vibration!

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The live, Internet women’s talk-radio show streamed from the “Feel and Look Fabulous” host page

Dawn James went from a stressful to a stress-free lifestyle following a near death Women Radio Show: Mind Spirit Body Tips To Find Energy and Joy experience – that gave her a whole new perspective on how to live a vibrant and joyful life.

Dawn’s joy of teaching is expressed through her lectures, workshops and new book Raise Your Vibration, Transform Your Life: A practical guide for attaining better health, vitality and inner peace. Dawn is the mother of three young adults; resides in Ontario and teaches across Canada & USA.

Suggested Podcast Interview Questions:

Define the term ‘ vibration’

How can we acquire this knowledge about vibration, consciousness and health?

How can we make conscious choices and why is it important for our health and happiness?

What can we do to obtain more energy – become more vibrant?

What can we do to increase more joy in our life?

Breathe, smile and be happy.


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