Action Plan for Self Loving Healing and Happiness with Empowerment Coach Suzanne Kovi

June 1, 2011

Self Love

On “Feel and Look Fabulous” Health Talk Radio for Women Radio: Suzanne Kovi, Empowerment Coach joined women’s talk radio and podcast show host Irina Wardas

Radio Show for Women Podcast Topic for Discussion: How a Woman Can Awaken Her Bold Courage and Create a BONFIRE Type of Life sith Self Loving

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Suzanne Kovi is a woman on a journey living the powerful principle of CHOICE+ACTION. With over 20 years as a successful actress and TV host, Suzanne can relate to the many issues that women face trying to live a successful life while living day by day with fear, Women Radio Show: Self Loving for Depression, Panic and Anxiety anxiety, depression and panic…and in private. No one knew her inner turmoil because she was a master of her craft. Like many women, she lived in fear of admitting she needed help.

Today, she has healed her life and teaches other women, including our youth, how to redesign their thoughts and re-align their choices and actions to match their inner desires. She has discovered the reason why so many women live in silent pain and it is because they exist unaware of the power they hold in their freedom to choose.

Suggested Podcast Interview Questions:

You had a successful career as an actress, which most people would find exciting. Why did you still face depression, panic and anxiety? What was missing?

How to find the greatest influence in our journey of self loving and healing?

If you could name the ONE thing that stopped you from being happy and reaching your dreams, what would that be? What did it take for you to realize this was the main issue? How did you become awakened?

How should our principles of Choice connect to our ACTION program.

Dreaming is like living in the future, how does this help a woman live in the present?

Breathe, smile and be happy.

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