Get Swimsuit Ready: How To Eat, Feel and Look Sexy and Confident with Robyn Webb, Nutritionist and Cookbook Author

May 29, 2011

Weight Loss

On “Feel and Look Fabulous” Holistic Health Talk for Women Radio Show: Robyn Webb, award winning nutritionist and book author joined women’s talk radio host Irina Wardas

Women’s Podcast and Radio Show Topic for Discussion: Healthy Weight Loss Tips for Summer – Get Swimsuit Ready – How To Eat, Feel and Look Sexy and Confident for Summer

Robyn WebbWomen Radio Show: Healthy Weight Loss Tips for Summer is a food editor of the ADA’s Diabetes Forecast magazine as well as award winning nutritionist, cookbook author. 

In collaboration with the American Diabetes Association, Robyn Webb published numerous award-winning cookbooks “Low Fat/High Flavor Cooking”, “Vegetarian Cooking”, “Tuscan Cuisine”, “Cooking for One”, “Cooking for the Family”, “Cooking in 30 Minutes or Less” and many more which teach people with diabetes how to maintain healthful diets with food that is satisfying and flavorful.

You can order her new book with Dr. Neal Barnard Get Healthy, Go Vegan Cook Book:125 Easy and Delicious Recipes to Jump-Start Weight Loss and Help You Feel Great

Suggested Women’s Radio and Podcast Interview Questions:

top reasons people cannot lose weight and stay in shape year round;

top tips on how to eat and lose weight and stay in shape;

how to eat healthy when summer foods like ice cream and backyard bbq’s come to call;

top summer foods and why they are healthy for you;

healthy weight loss tips;

natural wellness tips for women,

easy to make summer healthy dinners;

the three foods you would never be without in your pantry and refrigerator.

Breathe, smile and be happy.

© Irina Wardas, HHC

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